Is Your IT Support Strategy Proactive and Easily Budgeted? Let Us Show You How!

There is a difference between hiring a company to come and fix a problem with your computers and having an IT partner that works proactively to ensure that your IT systems run seamlessly.

Managed IT Services is a subscription-based IT support model that provides all the maintenance, management, security, and operational monitoring your IT systems need. Within a monthly, budgeted price structure, we provide all the technology support you require to keep your workflow running.

Benefits of Managed IT Services

  • Peace of Mind – Security
  • Help on Hand – Troubleshooting
  • Simple Budgeting – Monthly Subscription Payments
  • New Ideas – IT Workflow Consulting

Why Managed IT Services Work for Geelong Businesses

The average Geelong company today has a much higher dependence on technology than companies within the same industry even five years ago. With this technological dependence comes the need for IT support that ensures security and uptime.

Unfortunately, that level of always-on security and uptime is not available through the older break/fix models of IT support. Sure, you may have a retainer with an IT support firm, or you may have purchased a block of hours from a computer-fix-it company just in case. But that doesn’t solve the real problem, does it?

Your business needs more than an IT support team that reacts to your IT issues and scrambles to fix them.

Instead, you need someone on your side that will work diligently to keep your data safe, your workflow IT systems running, and your cloud assets synchronised with on-site processes.

That’s what we do.

We don’t wait until you break down to move into action.

We maintain, manage, and secure your IT systems proactively to keep your operations moving along.

What is Included in Our Managed IT Services Packages?

Because every company is different, we work closely with you to tailor our Managed IT Services packages to your internal process requirements. As a result, you only pay for the services that you need, and you have access to all the IT services that you require.

Some of the more common services included in our Managed IT Services packages are:

  • services
    IT Security / Cybersecurity

    Securing your IT assets while providing cybersecurity advice and management on an ongoing basis.

  • services
    Help Desk Services

    Providing prompt answers to user queries and troubleshooting your business IT problems.

  • services

    Designing, setup, and troubleshooting virtual computing environments.

  • services
    Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

    Critical support to plan, secure data, and ensure continued workflow during and after a localised disaster.

  • services
    Cloud Services

    Keeping your cloud systems secure, optimised, and synchronised with on-site IT assets.

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    Office 365/G-Suite Migrations and Support

    Providing additional IT hardware capacity when you need it without high up-front expense.

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    Patching, Updates, and Upgrades

    Developing custom applications and database systems that cater to your specific needs.