We Take the Guesswork Out of Choosing Solutions and Dealing with Vendors

We often get asked the question…

“What’s the difference between an IT support company and the IT consulting model of I.T. how to ?”

The answer to the question is that instead of focusing on making computers work, the I.T. how to team focuses on business insights and technology guidance.

Sure, we do all the stuff that a typical IT support company does – backups, IT security, business continuity, etc., but instead of focusing on how computers work, we’re concerned with using computers to help you drive efficiency and productivity within your business.

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That’s where our evaluation and selection of our strategic partners comes into play.

We look across the playing field of technology development to find the companies that have proven track records and are pushing the boundaries of the value that technology can add to a company.

Once we have determined that a company may be a good fit as one of our strategic partners, we ensure that the company is dependable and that they stand behind the products that they develop and sell. We take this task of vetting our strategic partners seriously because a failure on their part reflects badly on us and negatively impacts your workflow.

What Are Some of the Strategic Partnerships Leveraged by I.T. how to ?

  • acer
  • lenovo
  • hp
  • dell
  • malwarebytes
  • sophos
  • cyberoam
  • Vmware-partner
  • microsoft-partner
  • companies

    Web Developers and Marketing Companies
  • it-firm

    IT Firms
  • insurance-brokers

    Insurance Brokers

Do You Have to Use the Products and Services of Our Strategic Partners?

No. Although we have a great appreciation for our strategic partners and the relationships that we have built with them, your business comes first. We are what the industry calls “technology agnostic.” In other words, we want to find, use, and support the hardware, software, or cloud applications that work best for you, your employees, and your internal workflow.