We are the Fastest IT Company in Australia – and we’re here to make your life easier!

Do your technology slowdowns, breakdowns, and crashes make you want to pull your hair out, scream at the top of your lungs, and throw your laptop at a concrete wall?

You’re not alone.

Hundreds of companies across our nation face the pain and frustration of technology disruption and downtime every day.


Because the IT support model they are using isn’t working and actually encourages IT issues that wreak havoc with their workflow.

Let’s explain…

There are basically 3 Models of IT support.



In the break/fix scenario, an IT repairman is called when a device or software malfunctions. The technician makes his/her money when things are going wrong in your business processes.

Retainer or Block Hours

Retainer or Block Hours

This model is very similar to the break/fix model in makeup and results. The difference here is that you have pre-paid someone to be available for your breakdowns rather than panicking to find someone when your technology goes wrong.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

The Managed IT Services model is superior to the previous two models we have discussed because it is proactive in nature and incentivises the IT support company providing the service to keep your IT systems running optimally at all times. Managed IT Services is a subscription IT support offering based on a set monthly subscription payment. One stable monthly payment gives the client complete, continuous IT management, maintenance, and operational/security monitoring.

We are the Fastest IT Company in Australia because our proactive Managed IT Services model allows us to address potential issues before they become big problems that drive you crazy and impact your productivity.

Hardware Software Anywhere

There are tons of computer repair companies that are happy to fix your desktop or laptop computer.

What’s the catch?

You have to bring the device to them, leave it with them, and hope that they get around to fixing your device soon.

In the meantime, you’re stuck.

But waiting isn’t the only issue.

Without access to your network, the only thing they can really repair is the device itself. They don’t have access to many of the possible causes and contributing factors of your computer problem.

“Hardware – Software – Anywhere” isn’t just a tagline for us. Going – either physically or virtually- to where our clients are gives us the full picture of their IT environment, allowing us to make a faster diagnosis and more efficient repairs.