• Step #1

    Call, email, or contact us through a support portal that we’ll put on your computers.

  • Step #2

    Your request is acknowledged. If all you need is a simple answer to an IT question, we get you an answer immediately. If your issue is more complex, a Help Desk Ticket is created, and you are notified and updated by automatically generated emails as we make progress.

  • Step #3

    We assign the appropriate technicians to your issue and begin work on your issue in accordance with your Service Level Agreement.

  • Step #4

    We update the Help Desk ticket through each step of the troubleshooting and repair process, so you are kept in the loop and to provide documentation.

  • Step #5

    Once we have remedied the problem, we will test the fix and then inform you of the completion of the task. When you have confirmed that everything is well on your end, we close the Help Desk ticket.