Why Are Australian Business Leaders Seeking Out IT Business Advisors?

Every week it seems that we hear about a company that has experienced a data breach, but it’s not only cybersecurity issues that are a concern for business leaders across the nation. As companies become more dependent upon always-on technology, nearly every decision is related to technology in one way or another.

That’s why IT Business Advisory is one of the fastest growing sectors of the IT support industry, and a service sought out by company executives.

What Does an IT Advisor Do?

CEOs and C-level executives need real-time access to advice and information that will shape their decisions. In larger corporations, the C-level IT specialist that provides this information is the CIO. Unfortunately, the executives of small and mid-size companies that can’t afford the salary of a technology executive miss out on these insights.

That’s why I.T. how to has developed an outsourced Business IT Advisory offering.

Our outsourced Business IT Advisors provide the following services to CEOs and members of their executive.

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    IT Budgeting Advice
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    Hardware/Software Purchase Advice

    Providing additional IT hardware capacity when you need it without high up-front expense.

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    Cloud Consulting

    Keeping your cloud systems secure, optimised, and synchronised with on-site IT assets.

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    Virtualisation Consulting

    Designing, setup, and troubleshooting virtual computing environments.

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    Cybersecurity Consulting

    Securing your IT assets while providing cybersecurity advice and management on an ongoing basis.

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    Compliance Consulting

    Office 365 setup, migration support, answering questions, and addressing any user issues.

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    IT Vendor Management

    Collaborating in the formulation and execution of strategic IT goals while offering boardroom-level IT advice.

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    Pro-growth Technology Advice
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    Satellite Worker and Remote Office Advice
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    Facility Move or Renovation Advice

Putting together an exhaustive list of the topics that are affected by technology and require the impact of an IT Business Advisor is nearly impossible. Why? Because nearly every decision of modern business has an element of technology. A forward-looking executive recognises this truth and seeks out boardroom-level IT advice.

What Does it Cost to Have an Executive IT Business Advisor on Your Side?

The I.T. how to team includes executive IT consulting within our Managed IT Services packages. Each Managed IT Services package is tailored to the specific, ongoing technology care needs of the client’s business. By including IT Business Advisory within our Managed IT Services agreements, we provide our clients to have all the data they need to make the decisions that are central to the company’s daily workflow and pro-growth agenda.

We are open to providing our IT Business Advisory Services outside the Managed IT Services package for companies that need executive IT consulting to supplement the day-to-day work of their internal IT department.